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This federal website serves as a hub for information about the variation that exists among LIHEAP grantees in the operation of their programs. We also provide the National Energy Assistance Referral (NEAR) service, which refers households needing assistance to a local LIHEAP office and other assistance entities if available.

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, LIHEAP agencies across the country have made necessary changes to their typical operations to accommodate the circumstances caused by the pandemic. Many states have made changes to their application requirements, allowing for LIHEAP recipients to submit online applications due to local intake agencies being closed during the pandemic. Some agencies have also adjusted their programs by increasing the crisis benefit amount of crisis programs, qualification requirements of a crisis determination as well as changing documentation requirements for application. To learn more, visit the LIHEAP COVID Response page.


LIHEAP CARES Act and ARP Act Funds: Obligation and Drawdown Plan

June 9, 2022 - A recent Information Memorandum has been released by the Office of Community Services (OCS) that seeks to encourage and facilitate the timely obligation, expenditure, and draw down of federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) funding, including funds which were received in FY 2020 under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act and in FY 2021 under the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act.

The Office of Community Services (OCS), Division of Energy Assistance (DEA) is recommending and encouraging each grant recipient to consult with their assigned DEA program specialist regarding a comprehensive plan to obligate, expend, and draw down its LIHEAP funding from the federal Payment Management System (PMS) in a timely manner after valid obligations are made.

The deadline for obligating CARES Act funds was September 30, 2021, and the deadline to obligate ARP Act funds is September 30, 2022.

To learn more, read the IM here.

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