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New York PSC Issues Moratorium on ESCOs Selling to Low-Income Consumers

July 22— Earlier this month, the New York Public Service Commission (PSC) took its latest action against Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) when it decided they could no longer sell to low-income households. The debate over ESCO rates and low-income consumers has heated over the past year.

In February, the (PSC) addressed concerns over the higher rates charged by many ESCOs. In recent years, New York has seen a rise in instances where certain ESCOs target low-income customers by bringing them in with low introductory rates that are soon raised well above full-service utility company prices after the introductory period is over. Several of these ESCOs, according to PSC, have been overcharging customers by around $30 per month. Nearly one in five utility customers in the state of New York purchase their energy through ESCOs. Of all the utility customers in New York, nearly one-fourth, around 400,000, are considered “low-income.”



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